Classic cars require very special attention. The value of a vehicle can be severely compromised by a poor quality or unsympathetic repair.
If we undertake a partial or accident repair, we will endeavour to return the vehicle to its former condition. This will mean an invisible repair with a perfect match of both colour and paint finish.In the event of a complete respray or body restoration, originality of body panels is then paramount. Providing the quality of repair is not compromised, as much as possible of the original would be repaired rather than replaced. If replacement sections or panels are required, great care would be taken to reproduce the original shape, fit and contours exactly.

We have records of a great many older colours, most body shops do not have access to, enabling us to paint your 1959 vehicle in the correct 1959 colour.

Any repair we complete will add value to your classic vehicle, usually considerably more than the price of the repair.We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading composite repair specialists in the UK. Our metal car reputation is also growing.
Feel free to contact us to find out why.

  • Fully guaranteed high quality repair and refinishing.
  • Fixed price quotations without hidden extras.
  • Europe-wide collection and delivery.