Modern vehicles require state of the art equipment and techniques to repair perfectly.
Modern metal bodies are much thinner and lighter than those of older vehicles. Even the types of steel used to manufacture have changed. Hence panel beating; accident repair and in particular welding require special equipment and an understanding of metal structure and stress loading. Many panels are now bonded rather than welded, proven to be stronger in most cases. Often panels are replaced rather than repaired on contemporary vehicles but successful permanent repair is attainable, provided the correct materials and procedures are employed.

Contemporary GRP vehicles are not usually constructed with traditional hand laid glass fibre. More often the panels are injection or machine moulded (SMC). These panels require very specialist skills and materials to repair permanently. Traditional polyester resin, for example, does not adhere properly to an SMC panel. We have extensively researched and practice the correct methods of repair for us to provide a fully guaranteed repair to manufacturers standards and warranty conditions.

  • Up to date equipment with highly skilled operatives
  • The latest in colour matching techniques
  • All repairs completed to O.E standard