Minor Repairs
This Fully Guaranteed Repair Was Completed In Just 5 Hours

Minor Repair

Stone chips, scuffs and scrapes or small areas of accident damage can ruin the overall image and value of your pride and joy.

Often this type of damage is uneconomical to claim on your insurance due to loss of no-claims discount and increases in annual premium, you are then faced with a choice between a “cheap” repair, perhaps a mobile “we can fix your car outside your house” company or an expensive main dealer bodyshop repair.

Mobile repairers and poorly equipped bodyshops have to use materials to suit their working environment. All manufacturer approved 2k paint and lacquer simply will not dry properly in poor working conditions, as these materials require a controlled panel temperature maintained during the painting and drying processes combined with a high quantity of clean air movement over the painted area to dry and fully cure.

Some repairers use cheaper, 1k air-drying products to paint your car. An inferior paint finish, combined with inevitable dust particles is almost always the end result of this type of repair. More importantly, an inferior repair will often reduce the resale value of your car by more than if you left the damage alone, as prospective purchasers will wonder if there may be other, unseen shoddy repairs on the car.

Poor quality repairs rarely stand the test of time, often having to be done again as imperfections appear relatively quickly due to the quality of materials and work practices. All in all, a “cheap” repair is often expensive in the long run.

Main dealer repairs are often carried out successfully. However, the overhead cost high profile body shops have to meet can make the customers’ final bill eye wateringly expensive! The guarantee given is likely to be between 1 and 5 years for a metal-bodied car, but a lot less for a glass fibre vehicle. Sadly, very few Main dealers of glass fibre or carbon bodied vehicles actually have their own body shop. Most send their work out to sub-contractors and some “forget” to tell the customer.

At Option 1 there is a superior alternative

  • We provide a minor repair service, which has been developed and tested over the last ten years.
  • We only use high quality, manufacturer approved materials in our work.
  • We have invested in state of the art equipment including low bake, infrared and ultra violet drying machinery to enable primers and undercoats to fully dry and cure in minutes rather than hours. All in ideal working conditions.
  • We work in tee shirts… all year round!
  • We have dedicated bay space in our workshop for minor repairs. This allows one skilled operative to work on more than one vehicle at the same time, thus reducing labour cost per vehicle.

All of our paint shop staff are fully skilled in paint mixing, tinting and colour matching. Any colour. Any Car. We have never had a colour we couldn’t match.

We believe a completed minor repair should be indistinguishable from the rest of the car. No one should notice the repaired area.

The end result of our repair processes, equipment and experience is a lower charge out repair time to you, the customer. Our prices are often less that people expect to pay bearing in mind our quality of work. We are so confident in our system we are happy to match or beat any written estimate given by any vat-registered bodyshop. All with a guarantee on all work for as long as you own your car.

  • Manufacturer standard repair and refinish to any make or model.
  • Repairs completed quickly and efficiently
  • “Any colour” colour match guarantee
  • Plastic bumper repair specialist
  • Alloy and Steel wheel refurbishing
  • Glass fibre and carbon fibre repair
  • Steel and aluminium repair
  • Price match guarantee
  • Lifetime of ownership guaranteed workmanship
  • Nationwide collection and delivery.

Can your body shop do all this?

Give us a call. 01527 557111 You’ll be glad you did!